Community Health Centers

Empowering communities through Community Health Center Care

In this day and age where positive health care is on everyone’s mind, Community Health Centers stand out as leading caregivers in many different aspects of health care services.

Community Health Centers (CHCs) offer comprehensive primary and preventive health care services to patients who otherwise experience barriers to care. Such services help provide patients with the knowledge and tools to live healthy lives and prevent poor health.

According to studies, CHCs are the leading healthcare providers in preventative medicine. 32% of CHC patients are primarily visiting CHCs for preventive care, as opposed to 28% of patients of other providers. Many of those patients of CHCs are seeking out health education.

Are your patients receiving all the preventive care they need?

PrevCarePlus works along side of CHCs in preventative healthcare education. This comprehensive mobile app alerts your patients to clinical preventive services they qualify for and directs them to your facility or others close by.

It takes the services provides by U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations and talks to patients in terms they can understand.

It encourages people to:

  •        Keep illness out of the home
  •        Answers questions about preventive care
  •        Encourages healthy living

When patients combine the extensive healthcare given at their local CHC with the thorough usage of PrevCarePlus, there is only one outcome: much healthier communities.