About Mobile Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare

Let’s face it…the healthcare industry is in rapid and dramatic change!

  • Healthcare consumers are demanding more control over their health.
  • Innovators are rolling out new mobile apps for health.  (Many are not medical companies.)
  • From smart phones to medical devices, kiosks to apps, the mobile healthcare industry is experiencing explosive growth.
  • With the abundance of promise in this field, are you going to tap in and get healthy?

The mobile healthcare app market is predicted to grow at a rate of 40.4% over the next three years. In a survey conducted in August-September of 2012 on the use of cell phones in healthcare, it was found that 85 percent of adults in the USA own cellphones, and 53 percent of these own smartphones. Also, according to this survey conducted by  the Pew Internet and American Life Project,  the amount of cell phone users that used their phones to research health or medical information online increased by 14% in 2 years.

One of the most significant conclusions that have come from this study is the knowledge that healthcare education and smartphone apps are converging at just the right time. Text messages and alerts are easily some of the best ways to convey preventive health education and promote wellness in our technologically growing society.

One of the ways we can easily tap into this market is to let the healthcare apps speak and educate for themselves. Let’s take preventive health care as an example: A smartphone user sees a friend who is dealing with a recent illness or disease. The mobile user starts thinking about his own health and how he can avoid this illness himself. All of a sudden, he is looking for a technological tool that can be customized to his own situation. Companies, like DECIDE Mobility, have created preventive healthcare apps like this where the consumer can enter in his own information and receive alerts as per his own risks.

More and more surveys are taken and published with even better statistics showing how healthcare technology, despite the regulatory obstacles, is on the rise, and not only are the patients/consumers going to benefit. When technology gets involved, the whole world is a better place.